Declassified: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Aug 16, 2023 | Military/War, News, Political, Videos

In October 1962, the world was brought to the brink of nuclear war as Fidel Castro and the United States engaged in a tense standoff over Cuba. The Cuban Missile Crisis began with both sides uncertain of each other’s intentions and sparked a 15-day period of heightened global anxiety. Now, almost 60 years later, a new documentary is uncovering declassified information that reveals just how close we came to all-out nuclear war.

The documentary dives deep into the newly available evidence regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis, highlighting key moments in those 15 days that could have easily escalated tensions even further. It examines how little each side knew about the other and covers how incredibly fragile communication between Moscow and Washington was at this time. This film is not just educational – it also shows the human cost behind such dangerous saber rattling by providing personal accounts from individuals caught up in one of history’s most terrifying events.

Recent interviews with many of those involved in these historic negotiations reveal an even more nuanced story than previous accounts had suggested – from politicians on both sides to military personnel who were ready to launch devastating weapons if given the order. The film does an excellent job making use of its sources, bringing them together for a powerful experience that highlights humanity’s capacity for great evil and our ability to step back from it.

By taking us through this original source material, retelling these stories with help from powerful visual effects and taking us right into the thick of it all with dramatic recreations, this documentary offers an unprecedented look at one of history’s most important episodes – one which could have very well ended life on earth as we know it. Take a journey back to 1962 with this unique film that sheds new light on events that changed our world forever and encourages us never forget what happened then so we may avoid similar catastrophes in future.

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David B