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May 28, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, People, Videos

Welcome to the Quan Hoa Mountains in the Northwest of Vietnam. This region is home to some of the country’s most impoverished and secluded communities. In fact, most inhabitants here survive on less than a dollar a day. However, the region is rich in a hidden treasure that is the backbone of its economy.
Bamboo, the “green gold,” thrives throughout this province, and the locals have learned to use it in incredible ways. In a new documentary, we explore one of these incredible feats: bamboo rafting.
The rafts are a makeshift craft, assembled in mere hours using bamboo harvested from the local forests. The rafts are then sent down the twists and turns of the tumultuous river Luong, providing the inhabitants with a vital connection to the rest of the world.
The Quan Hoa mountains are regionally-isolated and the only place in the country where the roads are not asphalted. During the rainy season that lasts around three months, commerce in parts of the region is paralyzed. Even 4x4s and trucks can’t handle the rugged terrain. The only engine capable of manoeuvring through the muddy and rocky paths is Van Ly’s “Tuk Tuk,” a common sight on these paths.
Through our documentary, we would like to invite you to witness the incredible story of bamboo rafting in the Quan Hoa Mountains. Join us as we explore the breathtaking beauty of the region and the ingenuity of its people to sustain their livelihoods.
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