Deadliest Roads | Sierra Leone: The Urge to Live

Jul 1, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

In Sierra Leone, the harsh reality of everyday life means that people often find themselves doing whatever it takes to make a living. Take Theo, for example; he is a sand pillager, extracting precious resources from the beach which has now completely disappeared due to his activities. Although he is aware of the damage he is doing to the environment, he has no choice but to continue in order to support himself and his family.

Vandi also faces a difficult task. He runs a transport business and must battle against time as well as formidable terrain in order to return one of his trucks back to the garage despite its damaged condition. With 130 km of dirt track separating him from his goal, Vandi has thirty-five hours ahead of him before he can achieve success.

The whole country still bears the scars of twelve years of war; with no funds available for reconstruction many are left trying their luck in less favourable employment opportunities such as Fatimata and her seven children who are all forced to work in a stone quarry just to make ends meet.

These stories demonstrate how difficult life can be in Sierra Leone and how some fight each day simply for survival. To truly understand what it’s like for those living there we suggest watching ‘Theo: Sand Pillager’, an eye-opening documentary about Theo’s journey and those around him – it will certainly put things into perspective!

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David B