Deadliest Roads | Nigeria

Jun 12, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

In Nigeria, the oil industry has been both a “blessing” and a curse. Currently, it is the world’s seventh-largest oil exporter, but the impact of oil drilling has been devastating to the environment and economy.
The mangrove forests of the Niger Delta are host to numerous illegal secret refineries. The “black poison” that they refine, can cost as little as 55 cents per liter, and supply the countless unlicensed petrol stations that flourish in the region. These petrol stations receive their supplies from daredevil motorcyclists in Benin, who navigate the lawless streets with up to 700 liters of diesel strapped to their bikes. These unsanctioned petrol stations fuel the proliferation of illegal oil production and this trade has flourished.The Nigerian government and oil conglomerates are keen to curtail this illicit and environmental detrimental activity which has now become a serious environmental and socio-economic crisis.
Over the last half-century, the oil trade has released over 200,000 liters of oil into the Delta every year, devastating the land, and consequently killing the fish, animals and causing chronic illnesses and shorter life expectancies of the locals.
Despite the oil industry being a subject of scrutiny, our journalists have braved smugglers’ violent hostility to infiltrate and research this issue. The documentary highlights the severity of the damage that the oil industry has done to the Niger Delta. It is imperative for the public to be informed and to understand the gravity of this issue. Watch our documentary to learn of a reality that the oil industry does not want the public to know.

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David B