Deadliest Roads | Laos (Short)

Jul 22, 2023 | Environmental, People, Social, Videos

Laos is a Southeast Asian country that still holds on to its history of mystery and tradition. Few countries remain as untouched by the modern world as Laos, where dozens of forgotten tribes live in its high mountains and thick jungles. Touring these lands is made difficult thanks to the ongoing legacy of the Vietnam War, which was fought along the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail that runs through Laos. The countryside is still scattered with unintentional reminders of the war, bombs left by American forces, making travelling around this region all the more dangerous.

An adventurous spirit will be rewarded when visiting Laos, however, since venturing off the beaten path offers so much potential for discovery. Travel can be done by trucks, elephants or car engine-powered speedboats and often on foot. Despite these modes of transport being less than ideal in such an environment, there are plenty of rewards waiting for those brave enough to explore Laos this way.

The documentary “Laos: Beyond the Bombs” captures these tales perfectly and provides fascinating insight into what makes life in these parts so unique and captivating. From perilous journeys across bomb-laden mountainsides to meeting tribal elders who offer up traditional customs and beliefs not seen anywhere else in the world, this documentary showcases Laos like never before. If you’re looking for an intriguing journey full of culture and adventure then look no further than “Laos: Beyond the Bombs”.

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David B