Deadliest Roads | Guyana

Jun 19, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Have you ever heard of Guyana? It’s one of the world’s smallest countries, located in Central America, with just 800,000 inhabitants. Despite its size, this republic has many treasures to uncover.
Guyana is celebrating its 42 years of existence with its rich history and unique culture that you won’t find anywhere else. Life here is not always easy, earning a living can be especially perilous, but the people here are resilient and keep pushing through.
One particular story highlighted in a recent documentary is of Roy, who crosses his fingers and struggles through the treacherous roads to take mining supplies across the forest. It’s a dangerous journey, but well worth the reward: up to twice the average salary. Similarly, Emile and his son make their way to Monkey Mountain together to take the isolated villagers supplies, but when the winch breaks trying to pull one of the trucks out of yet another ditch, it looks like they may be stuck here for a while…
Another fascinating feature of Guyana is the tough as nails cowboys who work from dawn to dusk in the blazing sun, often without food or rest.
This documentary is a must-see for anyone interested in discovering the hidden treasures of Guyana. Subscribe to our channel and watch the full video now.

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David B