Deadliest Roads | Cuba: Viva La Vida

Jul 29, 2023 | People, Videos

Cuba is a country where driving is quite an experience. It’s common to see cars from the 1950s still driving on the streets, and while the roads in cities are generally in good shape, the countryside is a different story. With little access to new cars or replacement parts due to the US embargo, Cubans have become experts at improvisation.
The new documentary “Dicing with Death” goes deep into the unknown Cuba, far from the tourist tracks. The film follows Luis, a farmer who has to build a bamboo raft in order to deliver his banana crops since there are no roads to his farm. He faces the dangers of rushing currents and dicey weather while fulfilling his daily tasks.
The film also introduces viewers to local mechanics who are experts in keeping old vehicles running, turning spare parts and random materials into workable solutions. Diosmar’s Chevrolet, for instance, has front seats from a French 404, a Romanian car’s steering, and even rear seats from a Toyota, all of which create a mechanical cross-breed that can leave even a European car tester amazed.
Whilst the old cars may not be built for speed, they have character, and their stories shine a light on Cuba’s unique transportation system. “Dicing with Death” takes us on a journey to the heart of Cuba, highlighting the resourcefulness of the Cuban people in the face of tough circumstances.
If you want to learn more about Cuba’s unusual transportation system and immerse yourself in a riveting story, don’t miss “Dicing with Death.”

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David B