Deadliest Roads | Brazil: The Law of the Jungle

Sep 3, 2023 | Environmental, People, Social, Videos

The Amazon rainforest is known for its vibrant flora and fauna, but there is a dark underbelly to the region that is unfolding unnoticed. A devastating documentary recently released sheds light on the illegal activities taking place in the rich forests of Brazil. These include the unauthorised mining of huge areas and the logging of trees for commercial gain. Villagers here are living in desperate situations with limited opportunities for improving their lives. They flock to the region, hoping to strike it rich by discovering gold.
But the quest for wealth comes at a great cost. The mining industry has caused enormous damage to the forest, while the cowboy industry continues to bulldoze large areas, forcing local people and animals to relocate. The situation has created a domino effect that has engendered more illegal activities in the region, including the sale of dangerous chemicals and fuel.
The situation has become so bad that even the delivery drivers, who are trying to deliver essential goods to the region, have to take huge risks while on the treacherous roads filled with large holes that they cannot see. They work under harsh conditions, knowing that their pay can be docked if they are late, which makes them more desperate to drive faster.
Despite all of this negativity, there has been one recent development that has brought some economic relief to these villages. The Bello Monte dam has created job opportunities for thousands of workers from all over the country, and their involvement in the local economy has brought prosperity to the once-sleepy villages. However, the prosperity has come at a great cost. It has left thousands of indigenous people who used to call these forests their home, destitute and homeless.
To get the full scope of the situation, we recommend you watch the documentary about this issue and learn more about the illegal activities taking place in the rainforest.

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