Deadliest Roads | Brazil: Stronger Together

Jul 24, 2023 | People, Videos

Humaita is an isolated town buried deep within the Amazon rainforest, with a population of only one inhabitant per square kilometer. The most iconic business in this area is “Siquiera”, a family-run company managed by Luis and his son, Léandro. Despite the many challenges involved with such an undertaking, they are the only ones that have braved the treacherous journey down highway 319 – known as the deadliest road in Brazil.

The harsh conditions on this highway call for extreme caution while travelling; during the wet season, it can take up to 6 times longer to make the 18-hour journey due to flooding. During these periods of heavy rainfall, cars must travel together in convoy in order to ensure their safety – but even then, danger still lingers around every corner. The road has been known to sink in some areas due to all of the water flowing through it and become impassable at certain points.

Luis and Léandro have been making this journey for many years now; ever since other companies gave up due to its extreme conditions. Their courage and perseverance are nothing short of awe-inspiring – but their story isn’t complete without understanding why they do it. This is exactly what you will learn when you watch “The Road To Humaita” — a gripping documentary about their incredible journey through the rainforest, and how far they will go for love and loyalty. If you’re looking for an exciting adventure to embark on from your couch, then this is definitely a film worth checking out!

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David B