Deadliest Roads | Afghanistan

Jun 6, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Few have ever traveled to this remote region situated in the extreme north-west of Afghanistan, which is bordered by the Hindou Kouch mountains and peaks at almost 5000 meters high. The Wakhan Corridor is an isolated and sparsely populated stretch of land where people live as if in the middle ages. They have no access to running water or electricity and make a living by bartering.
For years, Afghanistan has been ravaged by conflict, and the Wakhan Corridor is one of the few regions that has remained untouched by war. No soldier, neither American nor from the Taliban, has ever set foot in this forgotten land.
The only road that cuts through the corridor is almost inaccessible, crossing the mountainside and often buried deep under snow. Yet, a handful of adventurers have dared to brave the difficult terrain, traveling in rickety lorries, and battling against the harsh elements.
And now, there’s a documentary that sheds light on this isolated and secluded region. It’s a rare glimpse into a forgotten world that few have seen. Watch the documentary and discover the beauty and isolation of the Wakhan Corridor for yourself.

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David B