Dancing, drugs and death – The excesses of Berlin’s club culture

Jun 27, 2023 | Crime, Culture, Drugs, Lifestyle, People, Videos

Berlin is known as the ultimate party city, attracting millions of young people eager to experience its famous club scene. The clubs offer a unique opportunity for hedonistic release, where anything seems possible – except for safety. Recreational drugs are rampant and tragedies happen all too often.
A new documentary, “Berlin Nightlife: Between Hedonism and Tragedy,” takes an in-depth look at the allure and danger of the city’s club scene. Interviews with clubgoers, bartenders, police, and drug experts shed light on the reasons for drug use, its risks, and its impact on the community. Against the backdrop of Jenifer’s tragic death at Berghain, the city’s most iconic club, the documentary raises important questions about responsibility and safety. Can cases like Jenifer’s be avoided in the future, and could on-site drug testing programs make Berlin’s nightlife just a little bit safer? Watch “Berlin Nightlife: Between Hedonism and Tragedy” to find out.

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David B