Coolies: How Britain Reinvented Slavery

Sep 17, 2023 | Aliens/UFO, History, Videos

The British Empire was instrumental in abolishing the slave trade in 1807, yet unbeknown to many, a form of subjugation known as ‘Indian indentured labour’ continued into the twentieth century. This atrocious practice is explored in a new documentary uncovering one of Britain’s darkest secrets.

The Indian indentured labour system originated as a replacement for African slaves, and saw millions of Indians essentially treated as subservient citizens within the empire. They were given small wages to work on sugar plantations and other industries, but were largely deprived of their rights and subjected to oppressive conditions that included long working hours and inadequate nutrition. In some cases, severe physical punishment was even used for those deemed disobedient.

What makes this documentary so powerful is its ability to bring these injustices to light through interviews with former labourers and descendants of those affected. It also sheds light on the lasting impact this period had on countless generations of people – from forced separation from families to poverty-stricken lives for years afterwards.

This vital exposé should not be missed – it is an essential piece that shines a light on a period in history often overlooked by most today. By watching this documentary, you can gain a greater understanding of what happened during this shameful time and help recognize the struggles faced by those affected then and now.

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David B