Maija Koukkari’s documentary, nominated for a Creative Scotland Student Media Award in 2014, takes a deep dive into the fascinating world of lucid dreaming. Through the eyes of three beginners, the film offers an insightful exploration of the idea of Conscious Dreaming – and encourages viewers to explore its potential.

Lucid dreaming is an experience where people become aware that they are dreaming while still in the dream state. It allows people to control their dreams and access a level of creativity and expression not available in everyday life. While it may seem like science fiction, lucid dreaming has been studied extensively, with research indicating various benefits ranging from improved problem-solving capabilities to a deeper understanding of one’s subconscious.

Koukkari’s documentary follows the journey of three beginners as they attempt to master this complex skill. Through interviews, observation and engaging visuals, viewers get an inside look at what lucid dreaming is really all about – as well as how it can be used to enhance personal growth and creativity.

The documentary also features experts who provide insight into the history and science behind lucid dreaming, offering valuable advice on how best to approach it safely and effectively. By presenting both sides of the argument, Koukkari’s film creates a comprehensive overview that leaves viewers feeling informed and inspired.

With its candid look at Conscious Dreaming culture and captivating storytelling style, Maija Koukkari’s documentary is an absolute must-watch for anyone interested in exploring this fascinating phenomenon further. The film provides a unique opportunity to gain insight into lucid dreaming – so don’t miss your chance to join these three beginners on their journey!