Conflict in Ukraine – A European war in 10 voices

Nov 8, 2023 | Military/War, People, Videos

As bombs continued to rain down on Ukraine and suffering mounted, Russia doubled down on its propaganda campaign, twistedly framing the conflict as a “denazification” effort. Against this backdrop, a new documentary brings the human face of war to the forefront through interviews with 10 individuals who lived through the conflict.
Spanning a wide range of ages and experiences with direct connections to the war, the candid interviews paint a poignant picture of a “fratricidal” battle that has unleashed destruction and forced people to flee from their homes. With no archive footage, news clips, or commentary to take away from the power of individual narratives, the film allows viewers to hear the voices of those who witnessed the war firsthand and draws them into an emotive perspective that is often lost amid the noise of war coverage.

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David B