Competing for the Russian-German vote

May 31, 2023 | Political, Videos

Berlin’s Russian-German community is feeling marginalized and isolated. They’re also a voting bloc that’s actively being courted in the upcoming Bundestag election. With populist politicians seeking their votes and their anger simmering, the community is being pushed to a tipping point.
“Simmering Voices” follows Alexander Reiser, an immigrant who’s trying to integrate the ethnic Germans from Russia into mainstream society. He also hopes to prevent the community from being swayed by racist demagoguery. But with many feeling disconnected from German society and longing for their former home, the pull of the populists is a strong one. Oxana Evdokimova accompanies Alexander on the election campaign, giving an up-close and personal look at the issues affecting the community and the efforts to address them.

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David B