Columbus’ Lost Voyage

Sep 29, 2023 | History, Videos

The legendary explorer Christopher Columbus has long been celebrated for his grand discoveries and heroic journeys. But few people know of the final voyage of Columbus that would become one of his most treacherous. After a decade since his arrival in the New World, Columbus found himself in a Caribbean prison facing gallows. Unwilling to accept defeat, he plotted his last voyage, setting out with four ships and crew to traverse the unknown seas.

Now, The History Channel is bringing this incredible story back to life through its riveting documentary ‘The Last Voyage of Columbus’. Accompanying popular historian, explorer and writer Martin Dugard on this journey, viewers can experience all the pain and glory of Columbus’ final voyage firsthand. Through interviews with local experts and reenactments, you will be able to follow Christopher Columbus on his last great adventure as he navigates the wonders and dangers of Panama, Jamaica and Hispaniola.

This documentary offers an unparalleled look into the complexity and courage of one of history’s greatest adventurers. Learn about the struggles and successes that make up this extraordinary story as you vicariously sail alongside Columbus during his final expedition. See how he endured betrayal after betrayal in order to fulfill his vision without ever losing sight of hope. So come join Martin Dugard on this thrilling journey as you relive one of history’s most epic adventures – The Last Voyage of Christopher Columbus!

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David B