Colombia: An airlift against COVID-19

Nov 27, 2023 | Health, Social, Videos

Plastic surgeon Camilo Prieto is no stranger to a comfortable life in Bogotá. But when the global pandemic hit, he traded his scrubs for supplies and set out on a mission. Prieto’s goal was to fly to Colombia’s remote and rural villages to help residents combat the coronavirus, despite dwindling resources and mounting dangers.
Deep in the Amazon rainforest, the pandemic feels less like a distant threat and more like a terrifying reality that is lurking around every corner. Healthcare has always been poor in these areas, but now, the outbreak has left many feeling helpless and scared. However, regardless of the risks, Prieto and his team of private volunteer pilots make the treacherous journey to these distant communities, ready to offer what little help they can. But amidst the uncertainty, Prieto knows that this is only a short-term solution. To truly tackle the pandemic, real, sustainable change must be made at a national level. Will Prieto and his team be able to make a difference, or will they become just another sad chapter in the country’s systemic inequality? Tune in to find out.

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David B