Collision: Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson

Sep 29, 2023 | Religion, Videos

COLLISION is an intellectually stimulating documentary that follows the paths of two renowned authors as they debate the question: “Is Christianity Good for the World?” It pits atheist, political journalist and bestselling author Christopher Hitchens against fellow author, satirist and evangelical theologian Douglas Wilson. The film captures their journey through three cities as they exchange blows and delve into provocative discussions about religion.

Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson began their literary battle in May 2007, when Christianity Today published a series of written exchanges between them. This rowdy bout caught the eye of filmmaker Darren Doane, who proposed filming their debate for a documentary. In Fall 2008, Doane followed Hitchens and Wilson on an east coast tour to promote their book based on this debate with the same title—Is Christianity Good for the World?

The result is a magnetic conflict that catalyzes intellectual curiosity from viewers. These two characters are so opposite that it could almost be seen as comical—one is a respected public intellectual while the other looks like a lumberjack. With that said, however, both are quite adept with words and can express themselves coherently as they present opposing views about one of the most contentious issues in modern society.

This highly engrossing documentary provides viewers with more than just entertainment; it also offers an interesting perspective on how two individuals view religion differently despite coming from different backgrounds. It also encourages viewers to reflect upon their own beliefs and stances regarding religion. Therefore, if you’re looking for something thought-provoking yet entertaining at the same time, COLLISION will be sure to give you that and much more!

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David B