Cocktail Culture – Behind The Bar

Jun 20, 2022 | Food/Drink, Videos

In this short documentary, we talk to two bartenders (Uros and Rafael) who used to work in The Vault – a prestigious bar inside The Ned – a high-class London Hotel.
They tell us about their experiences in London and how the drinking culture in the big city differs in comparison to the one in their own countries. We go behind the bar to explore the cocktail lifestyle and what it means to be a bartender.
A cocktail is a drink consisting of a spirit or spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as fruit juice or cream.
These drinks are different from standard alcoholic beverages as they are made by hand, they don’t come pre-made in a can or bottle. Cocktails usually have a strong alcohol, like tequila, rum, vermouth, vodka, and similar as the base.

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Riyan H.