Udo Lindenberg: The Godfather of German Rock and the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Dec 1, 2023 | Activism, Music, Videos

Arts.21 takes a look at a German rock legend who was once “the official enemy of the East German state”. Since the 1970s, Udo Lindenberg had been opposing the Berlin Wall through his music and actions. With the fall of the infamous wall, Udo was finally able to perform throughout the former communist country, becoming a household name and a symbol for freedom among East Germans.
In this exclusive interview, Udo Lindenberg talks about his music career, his political activism, and the era of German division. Learn about his dedication to East Germans and his role during the Monday Demonstrations in Leipzig that ultimately brought down the East German regime. Join us and experience the history, the music, and the magic of the “Godfather of German Rock”.

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David B