Cobra Gypsies – Documentary about Mysterious Tribe in India

Apr 13, 2022 | Social, Videos

Cobra Gypsies is a documentary offering a contemporary and colorful window to the amazing ancient culture of the nomadic Kalbeliya tribes. They live in rural Rajasthan, Northern India.
The French filmmaker, musician, and photographer, Raphael Treza, spent three months in the desert of Rajasthan, located on India’s border with Pakistan. There, he filmed the documentary exploring the culture of the tribe, their eternal dance and more.
The Kalbelya is a mysterious Indian gypsy tribe of musicians and dancers. In this documentary, we see the tribe in the comfort of their inhospitable environment.
Living in an environment of bee swarms and venomous lizards, they search for one of the most dominant symbols of their tribe, the cobra.

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Riyan H.