Cinema as resistance – filmmakers who want to change the world

Dec 11, 2023 | Media, People, Videos

The Art.21 Special documentary “Can cinema change the world?” explores the power of images and storytelling to effect positive change. Five filmmakers from around the world showcase how cinema can enlighten and inspire, and share stories of struggle and resilience.
Inadelso Cossa uses his poetic films to heal wounds and trauma in Mozambique, where a civil war raged for over a decade. His moving portrayal of people affected by war showcases the incredible resilience of the human spirit. Meanwhile, Alois di Leo’s “Way of Giants” is a beautiful animated tale of acceptance, set in the Amazon rainforest. The film tells the story of an indigenous girl who learns to embrace the natural life cycle and reconcile with the inevitability of death.The documentary also covers the contemporary issues of racism and poverty. Sabaah Folayan’s “Whose Streets?” captures the mood following the killing of black teenager Michael Brown and subsequent riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

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David B