China’s gateway to Europe – the New Silk Road (2/2)

Jun 22, 2023 | Technology, Videos

A new world order is being formed as China expands trade networks across more than 70 countries, igniting both hope and fear. From bridges to railroads, the Chinese aim to create a massive international development project, known as the New Silk Road. Exploring the effects of the Belt and Road Initiative’s massive investments, the documentary will showcase the challenges and opportunities of Eastern European and Balkan countries, including the Balkans’ attraction to China because of its strategic position. Discover how China is developing Europe’s infrastructure, funding coal-fired power plants, and installing face recognition technology in cities, raising the concerns of the EU. Will the Silk Road turn the old world order upside down?
Join us as we delve into Part 1, “The Chinese Connection,” to get an inside look at how the Belt and Road Initiative has increased cooperation between China and countries around the world, and the role of the Silk Road in demonstrating China’s ability to meet EU standards, benefiting countries like Hungary. Get the background on Chinese investment projects in Serbia, including an old steel factory, a bridge over the Danube, and a highway. Watch as we examine China’s investment in a coal-fired plant in Bosnia, its impact on air quality, and the concerns raised. The documentary will highlight the extent to which Serbia is dependent on Chinese loans and investments, even though the EU is wary of its collaboration with Huawei. Will the Belt and Road Initiative mark a new era in globalization, or create enormous consequences around the world as China seeks to rewrite the rules of the game?

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David B