Chile: Hope for Change

Sep 27, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

Chile is a country of immense contrast and beauty, with its majestic Andes Mountains looming in the east, the sweeping Atacama Desert to the north, and pristine Pacific Coast beaches to the west. Home to 17 million people, Chile has seen both great highs and lows throughout its history.

This contrasts and complexity are highlighted in the documentary Mapping The World: Allende & Pinochet, which covers the tumultuous period between 1970-1990. During this time Chile underwent a dramatic shift in politics with democratically elected president Salvador Allende introducing leftist reforms that were met with much opposition from large portions of society and ultimately led to his overthrow by Augusto Pinochet’s military dictatorship.

The documentary provides an intimate look into this difficult chapter in Chilean history through interviews with those affected by the events as well as archival footage from that era. It also examines the interplay of political ideologies at play during this time, showing how Allende’s populist reforms caused significant division both within Chile and internationally.

Viewers will gain valuable insight into Chile’s turbulent past as well as an appreciation for how these events have shaped contemporary Chilean society. For those looking to learn more about Chilean politics, culture or history then Mapping The World: Allende & Pinochet is an essential viewing experience.

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David B