Children of Shame

Aug 5, 2023 | Social, Videos

In the spring of 2014, the small town of Tuam in western Ireland made headlines around the world when an unimaginable story was revealed. On the grounds of a former home for unmarried mothers, a mass grave containing the remains of some 800 children was discovered, bringing to light a hidden and tragic history.

In the twentieth century, ultra-Catholic Ireland operated dozens of homes that were run by religious orders where unmarried mothers and their children were subjected to terrible conditions; many of these children died from ill treatment and were shamefully buried in secret and forgotten. It is only recently that these dark secrets have finally been brought to light.

John Rogers is one such example of an ‘illegitimate’ child born in this era. Like many other young women, his mother was forced to pay a heavy price for giving birth to him – he was taken away from her shortly after birth. Now, with this horrific history fully exposed, there are calls for justice and recognition for those who suffered under this oppressive regime.

This documentary investigates Ireland’s painful recent past to give voice to these ‘children of shame’. Through personal stories and testimonials it takes us on a journey through this dark period of Irish history, offering insight into what it meant to be an unwed mother or illegitimate child in Ireland at that time – one characterised by fear, shame and ostracism.

It is an important reminder that such injustices must never happen again – all eyes are on Ireland now as the nation grapples with how best to confront its past while moving forward into a brighter future. This thought-provoking film offers an invaluable opportunity for viewers to bear witness to those who suffered at hands of this oppressive system: we urge you not miss out on watching it!

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David B