Cheyenne Mountain Complex & Future-House in China | Mystery Places

Sep 24, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, People, Videos

Mystery Places is a captivating documentary series exploring some of the world’s most mysterious and intriguing places. In this episode, we travel to Tanzania to uncover the secrets behind the ancient Hadzabe myth, a fascinating culture that has been around for centuries. From there, we take a virtual tour through Colorado’s incredible Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a highly secure facility that shrouds itself in secrecy.

Further adventures take us to unusual villages across the globe, from Croatia’s abandoned boat to China’s future-house. Along the way, we explore curious tales and unearth strange secrets in these fantastic locations.

This episode of Mystery Places is sure to be an exciting ride filled with plenty of surprises! Join us as we explore all sorts of unique locales and uncover some truly remarkable stories and myths. With stunning visuals and in-depth interviews with locals, this episode promises to be both informative and entertaining. So don’t miss it – tune in to Mystery Places for a fascinating look at some amazing places!

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David B