Chechens fear returning ISIS fighters and other world stories

Aug 30, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Stories from around the world this week cover a shocking range of experiences in Chechnya, Turkey, the US, and Malaysia. First, concerns are being raised about the terror and violence that returning ISIS fighters could inflict on Chechnya. After fighting in Iraq and Syria, many of these fighters are going back home to Chechnya, where they could incite violence and sow unrest in the region.Next, a court reporter in Turkey has written a revealing account about her and her colleagues’ experiences covering high-profile trials in Istanbul. She describes how journalists are often subject to discrimination and abuse while simply doing their jobs.
In another part of the world, the US has decided to freeze aid to Gaza, a move that will have damaging effects on Gaza’s already vulnerable population.Finally, we turn to Malaysia, where a new wave of solar electricity start-ups is emerging. These companies are trying to take advantage of the country’s abundant sun exposure to create a renewable energy revolution.

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David B