Chasing Bubbles

Sep 14, 2023 | Social, Videos

Chasing Bubbles is an inspiring and profoundly moving documentary that follows the life of Alex Rust, a 28-year-old adventurer with a passion for sailing and exploration. After losing his father, Alex rebelled against the traditional 9 to 5 lifestyle and bought himself a sailboat he named Bubbles in order to embark on a journey around the world. He documented his journey extensively, capturing stunning footage and inviting others along as passengers as they experienced the beauty of the natural world, visited undiscovered communities, and even climbed an active volcano.

The documentary features candid interviews from Alex’s closest friends, family members, and traveling companions which provide insight into Alex’s ambitious character and remarkable resolve against myriad obstacles. His ambition was often slightly greater than his sense of reasoning in risky situations; however, despite this flaw, he left behind a legacy of meaning that speaks to us all.

Through Chasing Bubbles we are able to experience Alex’s breathtaking journey through time and space with vivid detail. We come away with a much deeper understanding of what drove him forward toward adventure: Was it simply an escape from pain or something more transcendent? This personal exploration makes us ponder not only the meaning of life but also how we can apply the lessons gleaned from his expedition to our own lives.

Those who watch Chasing Bubbles will find themselves deeply touched by this unique story of courage, friendship, self-discovery and loss. It is an intimate portrait of an individual who chose to bravely venture out into the unknown despite tremendous risk – ultimately making his short life one full of depth and meaning.

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David B