Catalan companies are leaving Catalonia and other world stories

Dec 22, 2023 | People, Political, Videos

Catalan companies are opting out of their home province because of ongoing political unrest. Meanwhile, “Famine as a weapon” continues to be one of the deadliest tactics in South Sudan’s ongoing conflict. Conservative party MP’s in Germany are proposing a gender quota in political representation, while the looming prospect of a new refugee route to Romania is generating fresh fears.
Against the backdrop of these global crises, an upcoming documentary takes a hard-hitting look at one of the world’s most complex geopolitical dilemmas. Third Person explores the question of how we respond to unprecedented upheaval, tracing the experiences of people struggling to survive amidst the chaos of 21st-century politics. Through insightful interviews and unflinching reportage, the film illuminates the multiple facets of our current state of uncertainty and offers a sobering meditation on the world we live in today.

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David B