Can indigenous knowledge save the world?

Aug 28, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Videos

Indigenous peoples are facing the worst effects of rainforest deforestation, and the rainforest is on fire in a time fueled by greed and profiteering. The Amazon, the green lung of the planet, has itself turned into a CO2 emitter which powers climate change. This dire situation requires a call to action, and the documentary Art for the Amazon delves into the answers that art offers for the fragile state of our world.
The filmmakers highlight various artists who have created works that offer solutions to the problems faced by not only the Amazon, but by our environment at large. Art for the Amazon features activism, environmentalism, and nature categories. In Cameroon, it seeks solutions to combat rainforest deforestation, and in Brazil, the documentary shows how artists are fighting to save the Amazon. This is a documentary for anyone looking for new ways to approach the delicate balance of humanity and nature.

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David B