Can Africa’s forests help save the world? (Director’s cut — reupload)

Oct 22, 2023 | Animals, Environmental, Videos

A new documentary is exploring the devastating consequences of human actions on the world around us. From clearing forests to poaching endangered species, we are putting our planet at risk. The film takes us on a journey through Uganda and Kenya, where scientists are racing to prevent the spread of deadly viruses like Covid-19.
At the Bwindi National Park, Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka is working to protect mountain gorillas from the virus transmitted by humans. But her job has become increasingly difficult as men turn to poaching gorillas after losing their jobs. Meanwhile, Kenyan scientist Augustine Baraza Obuyele is scouring the bat population at Mount Elgon for new viruses that could spread to humans. As humans continue to invade animal habitats, there is an increased risk that infections could spread from animals to humans.

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David B