Brian Douglas Wells

Jul 26, 2023 | Crime, Videos


Brian Douglas Wells was an American pizza delivery man whose life was tragically cut short by the most peculiar circumstances. In 2003, Wells was forced into a bank robbery by a mysterious person who had strapped a time bomb around his neck. Miraculously, after Wells and his captors were apprehended by the police, the bomb exploded without harming anyone else.

The case of Brian Douglas Wells captured the attention of media outlets worldwide and has been subject to much speculation over the years. In 2007, federal prosecutors issued an indictment suggesting that Wells may have been complicit in planning the attempted robbery. Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong and Kenneth Barnes were indicted for bank robbery, conspiracy and weapons charges as part of this investigation. Later that year, Barnes pleaded guilty to these charges while confirming that Wells had indeed been involved in its planning – albeit under the assumption that he would not actually be subjected to a real explosive device.

Nearly 17 years after his tragic passing, Brian Douglas Wells’ story still fascinates millions across America and beyond, with many turning to documentaries like “Exposed: The Pizza Bomber” for more information about this intriguing case. By presenting exclusive interviews from those directly involved in this case alongside expert analysis, this documentary seeks to uncover new evidence behind one of America’s strangest cases ever – one which still continues to perplex investigators today. So if you’re looking for answers or want to explore further into this bizarre incident, then don’t miss out on Exposed: The Pizza Bomber!

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