Forgotten wrecks are a time bomb

May 26, 2023 | Crime, Military/War, Social, Videos


“Time bombs” have been slowly ticking away on the ocean floor for decades, threatening the delicate balance of our oceans. With an estimated 15 million tons of fuel at stake, scientists have sounded the alarm over the catastrophic impact that World War II shipwrecks could have on aquatic life and human visitors alike. The world’s biggest oil spill is imminent, and in this documentary, viewers will travel across the globe, from Poland to Norway, to the USA and the Pacific Ocean, to see first-hand how experts are racing against the clock to prevent an environmental disaster.
This gripping documentary takes you on a journey that spans the globe, following researchers who are investigating how the seabed has already been contaminated by these rusted wrecks. By observing the rotting vessels and developing “danger scenarios,” they are urging governments to take action before it’s too late. With decades of corrosion in salty seawater causing the steel hulls of the ships to split open at the slightest vibration, the question isn’t if but when another massive oil spill will occur. Join marine researchers, coastguards, and salvage experts alike as they work tirelessly to prevent a catastrophe that threatens us all.

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David B