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Aug 17, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

The documentary CHAÏDI, MONTY, MAREKO and SEKERE takes viewers on a journey through the harsh reality of life in Botswana. Situated in the heart of a desert landscape, many inhabitants are struggling to support their families while relying on vehicles with four-wheel drive to move around. In addition to the extreme weather conditions, wild animals like lions and elephants roam freely, making it difficult for humans to navigate safely.

Usually, the yearly rainfall of the Okavango delta brings some much needed respite and fresh resources for those living in this desolation. However, this year has been different; drought has struck Botswana hard and caused devastating effects for both humans and animals alike. Farmers such as Monty have been forced into a battle for water with wild elephants, while lake Ngami has become a desolate mud puddle with hippos stuck unable to move. It is an apocalyptic atmosphere that is being experienced across the region.

This documentary sheds light on a hidden struggle between man and nature in Africa’s largest country. It is an emotional story highlighting how local people are attempting to survive in one of the most inhospitable places on earth. Through intimate conversations with those living there, we gain a unique insight into how they have come together to survive despite all odds.

Watching CHAÏDI, MONTY, MAREKO and SEKERE is not only an eye-opening experience but also offers hope that even during times of hardship there are ways forward that bring communities together. This documentary gives us a chance to understand real life dynamics that are rarely mentioned in mainstream media outlets – so don’t miss out on this must-see opportunity!

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David B