Bosnia and Herzegovina: an ethnically divided country

May 23, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

As the sun sets on the neighborhoods of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a deep-seated ethnic divide still exists. Among the Muslim and Croat pupils at a school in Travnik, a fence separates them. It’s a physical reminder of the separation that can exist between individuals, not just on paper but in everyday life.
Although the “two schools under one roof policy” was deemed unconstitutional in 2012, in practice, segregation still continues. It’s not only in schools where the distance between the ethnic groups is visible, but also in the residential neighborhoods. For Bosnians, marrying outside of their own ethnic group is rare. This stark reality is explored in “Whose Side Are You On?” – a powerful documentary that delves into the lives of those impacted by a country’s tumultuous past, still felt in present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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David B