Body positivity and self-love: Embracing your own beauty

Oct 26, 2023 | Beauty, People, Social, Videos

Akanksha Sood Singh is a successful filmmaker and mother of two who loves her life but hates her body. Despite having a successful career and a fulfilling family, when she looks in the mirror, Akanksha feels shame. The beauty standards in India, where Akanksha grew up, are often unattainable, with emphasis placed on having a flawless figure and blemish-free skin. But there may be a way out.
In an upcoming documentary, photographer and activist Roshni Kumar takes Akanksha on a journey of self-discovery to overcome her doubts and embrace the skin she’s in. Through empowerment and self-love, the film aims to show women everywhere that they too can overcome body shame and recognize their self-worth. Will Akanksha rise to the challenge and learn to love herself? Find out in this inspiring documentary.

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