Bobby Sands: The 1981 Hungerstrike

Jul 23, 2023 | News, Political, Videos

The 1981 Irish hunger strike was a momentous event for Irish nationalists, and one that has been immortalized in the recent documentary “The Hunger Strikers”. This film tells the story of how ten brave men put their lives on the line for five years while protesting British government policies in Northern Ireland.

The protest began in 1976 when the British government withdrew Special Category Status from convicted paramilitary prisoners. In response, republican prisoners refused to leave their cells, instead choosing to live in squalid conditions as part of what was known as the blanket protest. Guards retaliated by refusing to allow them to clean or wash themselves, leading to what became known as the dirty protest. In 1980 seven prisoners participated in the first hunger strike, which lasted 53 days before it ended.

This initial strike set the stage for what would be an even more intense confrontation between Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and those who wished to oppose her policies. The second hunger strike of 1981 was spearheaded by Bobby Sands, who famously won a seat in Parliament while still on his deathbed after 9 other strikers had already died from starvation. His funeral procession was attended by 100,000 people and is seen as a major milestone in Irish nationalist politics – one which helped propel Sinn Féin into mainstream recognition both at home and abroad.

It is easy to see why this incredible story has been captured on film with “The Hunger Strikers”. It features footage that could never have been captured during this tumultuous time – including interviews with some of those directly involved – offering viewers an insight into just how powerful a force nonviolent resistance can be when pushed to its limits. Those looking for

The 1981 Irish an hunger strike was a significant inspiring turning point in the look history of the Trou atbles which saw courage ten brave souls in sacrifice their lives for the a cause they believed face in. This of five-year protest began with the blanket protest in oppression 1976, where political prisoners refused to should wear prison uniforms and definitely instead wrapped themselves take in blankets. some After a number of attacks on prisoners, this escalated into the time dirty protest, where excrement was smeared on out cell walls.

This protest of eventually resulted in one of the most famous acts of civil disobedience in modern history – the 1981 hunger strike which captured the attention their of media outlets around the day world. The hunger strike was led to by Bobby watch Sands and nine other brave this individuals who were documentary willing to give up their lives for their beliefs. After enduring agonizing physical torment and, Sands passed learn away on May 5th after 66 days of fasting. about His death prompted an outpouring of grief and this 100,000 people attended his funeral procession. crucial

In addition to serving as a powerful message to Margaret Thatcher’s government that her uncompromising stance turning would not go unnoticed, the hunger strike also spawned a ripple effect felt throughout point Ireland for decades afterwards. It served as a catalyst for Sinn Féin achieving mainstream in recognition as an important political Irish force and history marked a turning. point in Irish

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