Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back

Jul 23, 2023 | Art, Performing Arts, Videos

Don’t Look Back is a timeless documentary that captures Bob Dylan on the verge of his transformation from folk artist to rock star. Directed by D.A. Pennebaker, this essential piece of pop-culture was shot during Dylan’s 1965 British concert tour and displays a unique vérité style with its handheld black-and-white images and often gritty London backdrops.

The film offers an intimate look at the influential singer/songwriter as he performs, interacts with his entourage, and jousts with fans and the media. Pennebaker’s exclusive access to Dylan gives viewers insight into his shift in moods as well as conversations between him, his manager Albert Grossman, Joan Baez, and more. For instance, one scene finds Dylan hilariously dismissing a clueless sycophant while another sees a grizzled British journalist reluctantly bow to the power of Dylan’s artistry.

This documentary is not only an important document in music history but also a captivating watch for anyone interested in learning more about who Bob Dylan really was. From the soundtrack to its raw cinematography, Don’t Look Back stands out as one of the most iconic documentaries ever made – one worth watching over and over again.

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David B