The 7 Best Documentaries About Bob Dylan

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If the name Bob Dylan comes to mind, thoughts of the iconic American singer-songwriter’s legendary career and influence arise. His impact on popular music is unmatched and his place in history secure. But while there are countless books written about him, some of the most interesting and insightful looks into Dylan’s life have been captured through films. Here are some of the best documentaries about Bob Dylan – each offering a unique glimpse at the man behind the music. From biographical films to concert performances, these documentaries will give viewers an unparalleled look into Dylan’s life and work. From the creative genius behind Blood on the Tracks to his troubled early days in New York City, dive into Bob Dylan’s story with these top documentaries.


1. How Bob Dylan Catapulted Folk Music | Roads Rapidly Changing (Full )

Enter the Greenwich Village Folk Revival and the incredible role Bob Dylan played in it. Featuring interviews with some of the most important people from that scene, as well as rare performances, this offers an unparalleled look into Dylan’s time within the US Folk Revival. From his entry to his departure, you will discover never-before seen footage and a wealth of additional materials that make for an amazing viewing experience. Enjoy this glimpse into a pivotal moment in music history. Step back and experience the story of Bob Dylan during the Greenwich Village Folk Revival.


2. Bob Dylan, ‘Beyond Rolling Thunder’ – A Jacques Levy Story

An original document based on the words of co-writer Jacques Levy covering 1975 and 1976, Bob Dylan’s story is set to be revealed in a thrilling . With interviews from iconic musicians, songwriters and critics alike, this will capture the essence of what made Bob Dylan one of the most influential artists of his generation. It promises to be an absorbing insight into a creative genius, offering a unique perspective on the music and culture of that era. With never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews, this is sure to be an essential watch for all Bob Dylan fans!

3. Bob Dylan – Andy Kershaw’s Ghosts Of Electricity . Manchester 1966.

Bob Dylan has been a part of rock and roll history since the mid-1960s, and his influence on music can still be heard in many modern songs today. But what was it like to see him perform live during this era? Ghosts of Electricity is a must-see for all Bob Dylan fans seeking to understand the energy that surrounded that fateful May 17th 1966 concert at the Manchester Free Trade Hall. Produced by Andy Kershaw, Richard Masters, and CP Lee, this BBC Radio 1 takes you back to that historic night. Through interviews with musicians, fans, and historians who were there, plus in-depth analysis of Dylan’s work from both a cultural and musicological perspective, Ghosts of Electricity offers an unforgettable look into the power of music and the star-power of an artist whose legacy continues to live on.


4. The Complete Earl Scruggs Film With Bob Dylan, Doc Watson, Bill Monroe. 1972

I’ve been fortunate enough to have captured some of the most memorable moments in music history. As a filmmaker, I was approached by PBS about making a on Bob Dylan—and I jumped at the opportunity. My vision was to combine different elements of bluegrass, country and mountain music into one film that encapsulated Dylan’s career. The filming process was an incredible journey. I was able to capture interviews with Dylan himself, as well as his close friends and family members who had witnessed the life story of this legendary musician.


5. Bob Dylan’s triumphant concert in Nuremberg 1978 – : We Better Talk

Bob Dylan’s 1978 performance in Nuremberg was an iconic event thanks to the dedication of Manfred Helfert. His extensive research and recovery of archival audio from the concert made it possible for us to learn more about this extraordinary moment in history. Working alongside Fritz Rau, a renowned promoter in the area, Helfert provided insightful interviews that gave us an in-depth look at the event. By preserving these details, we are able to appreciate the unique energy that existed between Dylan and his audience those many years ago. To this day, it still stands as a remarkable example of Dylan’s captivating presence on stage.


6. All of Bob Dylan’s performances from Dont Look Back (1967) (Blu-ray 1080p)

From the time he was a young man in Minneapolis, Bob Dylan has always been an enigma. His lyrics are profound and mysterious, and his iconic look has become part of popular culture. Over the years, there have been many films about Dylan’s life and legacy. Here is a list of some of the best documentaries that chronicle different aspects of his career: First up is DONT LOOK BACK (1967), a classic from D A Pennebaker. Featuring on-stage and behind-the-scenes performances, this film takes you through the life of Dylan as he tours Europe in 1965. You’ll get an intimate look at the singer’s creative process and hear some of his most famous tunes played live.

7. Bob Dylan Dont Look Back outtakes

We had a blast putting together the main menu for our new release of D. A. Pennebaker’s unforgettable DONT LOOK BACK. This amazing two-minute visual journey, crafted with rare footage from the film, captures the essence of Bob Dylan’s unique vision and contribution to music history in an unforgettable way. You’ll be taken back in time as you watch Dylan in action, performing some of his most iconic songs and interacting with other legends like Joan Baez. The also reveals the inner workings of Dylan’s creative process as he records his groundbreaking album Bringing It All Back Home.

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