Bloody Friday

Jul 22, 2023 | History, Videos

Bloody Friday is an infamous event in Belfast history, when the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) carried out a series of bombings which killed nine people and injured 130. The blasts occurred on 21 July 1972, within the space of eighty minutes, making it one of the most devastating days in Northern Ireland’s turbulent history.

The bombings were seen as a response to the collapse of negotiations between the IRA and British government, with the terrorist group carrying out a total of 1,300 attacks throughout 1972. This became known as ‘the Troubles’, a time when violence and civil unrest was rampant in Northern Ireland.

The horrific incident of Bloody Friday was followed by Operation Motorman 10 days later – an operation launched by the British Army to reassert control over areas taken over by paramilitary forces due to earlier civil unrest such as Bloody Friday.

Now nearly 50 years on from this tragic day in Belfast history, BBC One presents a documentary about Bloody Friday – shining a light on survivors’ experiences and exploring how this event still impacts their lives today. Through real-life testimonies and archival footage this documentary seeks to bring closure to both those affected directly and indirectly by this terrible day in history.

If you are keen to learn more about Bloody Friday then be sure to watch BBC One’s powerful documentary which sheds light onto events that took place during ‘the Troubles’. With moving stories from survivors and gripping archive footage, this documentary will provide you with insight into what happened that fateful day in Belfast – all while helping those affected come to terms with their past experiences.

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David B