Blood Diamonds

Jun 27, 2024 | Social, Videos

Diamonds have a long history of being coveted for their beauty and preciousness, but in some African nations, they have been used to fuel an international terror unlike any other. The documentary Blood Diamonds examines the human cost of the illicit diamond trade and its devastating impact on those who inhabit these regions.

The diamond industry has always been shrouded in secrecy, as diamonds can be easily concealed and smuggled away with impunity. In many of Africa’s war-torn countries, diamonds have become a means for financing wars and terrorism, with rebel armies forcing civilians to mine them at grave risk – paying them as little as one cup of rice per day. An example of this is Usman Conteh, who was captured by rebels in Sierra Leone’s Kono district and forced to mine diamonds for them; after months in captivity, he escaped only to find that his family had been murdered.

This film looks at how rebel forces have brutally terrorized civilians by chopping off people’s hands, arms, feet, lips, and ears without remorse or consequence – all financed by the sale of illegal diamonds. It interviews those who have suffered because of these atrocities as well as experts on the matter – showing exactly how far these criminals are willing to go for money and power.

Blood Diamonds documents what went wrong in Sierra Leone and other sub-Saharan countries when it comes to illicit diamond trading – shining a light on what’s happening so governments can take action against it. Thanks to advocacy organizations such as Global Witness and Diamond Development Initiative (DDI), steps are now being taken to combat this heinous problem.

Watching Blood Diamonds is an eye-opening experience that demonstrates how far criminals will go for profit and power – all while civilians suffer immensely from their actions. The documentary offers first-hand accounts from both victims and perpetrators alike – making it impossible not to be moved by the sheer injustice of it all. If you want a deeper understanding into this issue – then Blood Diamonds is essential viewing!

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