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This documentary was released in 2013 and it is looking into the life of killer whales living in captivity. The director of this extraordinary film is Gabriela Cowperthwaite. It premiered on the Sundance Film Festival on 19th January in 2013. CNN Films and Magnolia Pictures were responsible for the global release of this documentary.

The focus of this film is on Tilikum, a killer whale held captive in the SeaWorld and the issues that are accompanying this particular topic. Tilikum was involved in a number of accidents which resulted in the demise of three people.

The scope of Tilikum incorporates his catch in 1983 off the shore of Iceland, and indicated badgering by kindred captive orcas at Sealand of the Pacific, episodes that Cowperthwaite contends added to the orca’s hostility and incorporates testimonial from Lori Marino, Director of Science with the Nonhuman Rights Project.

Cowperthwaite additionally concentrates on SeaWorld’s statement that lifespan of orcas living in captivity are similar to the wildlife ones, commonly 30 years for male and 50 years for female whales, a claim the film contends is false. Other interviewees include a number of trainers at SeaWorld, like John Hargrove, who depict their encounters with Tilikum and other captured whales.

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