Biggest Black Holes and other Cosmic Monsters

Jul 17, 2022 | Science, Videos

Black holes. Our galaxy might be infested with millions of them. However, this is the first time a documentary shows an image of a black hole, something you won’t see around.

We like to think black holes are far, far away. Just like at the beginning of a Star Wars movie, we think of black holes happening in a galaxy far, far away. The reality is they are right here.

Astronomers have been studying black holes more intense in the past several years, and the result show they are far more dense and have far more gravity than the stars they come from.

To understand a black hole, one must understand the theory of general relativity, which in simple terms suggests that a compact mass can deform a spacetime to form a blackhole, a region with such gravitational properties that nothing can escape from the inside of a black hole, not even light.

Professor Stephen Hawking is the man responsible for almost all theories surrounding a black hole. Not to diminish his value, but sometimes, a documentary showing more real footage can offer another perspective on how we view black holes. Enjoy the ride.

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Riyan H.