Better Brain Health: We Are What We Eat

Aug 3, 2023 | Health, Videos

Better Brain Health: We Are What We Eat is a documentary that sheds light on the powerful influence of food on our brain’s function and vitality. From pre-natal nourishment to dietary deficiencies, this film explores the potential impacts of what we eat on our cognitive abilities.

Did you know that the pre-natal consumption of sugary foods can lead to higher incidents of stress and anti-social behaviors in children? That’s just one example that shows how nutrition can shape a person’s life. Additionally, studies have discovered that consuming omega-3s in the form of seeds, nuts, oily fish and vegetable oils improve electrical properties within the brain. But unfortunately, most people don’t get these essential nutrients in their daily diets.

Processed foods with high fructose corn syrup are also having a detrimental effect on our brains. Research has shown that these foods can cause imbalances in our moods, such as aggression, listlessness and agitation – even leading to cannibalism in laboratory mice!

The documentary delves into an intriguing question – can nutrition play a role in curbing society’s scourge of crime? As part of its exploration, it visits a researcher conducting an ambitious study in the Netherlands to discover whether or not this is true. The film presents an international panel of nutrition experts who weigh in on how proper diet may regulate our moods and impulse control.

With inventive laboratory experiments and inspiring stories from all over the world, Better Brain Health: We Are What We Eat dives deep into this compelling field of research. It opens up possibilities for better understanding how we can use nutrition to retrain our brains and seek out healthier alternatives for boosting mental capacity. So if you’re looking for insights into how food affects your thinking powers, this is one documentary you won’t want to miss!

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David B