The 10 Best Documentaries About Mice

Dec 26, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

If you’re looking for a captivating peek into the fascinating world of mice, then these 10 documentaries about mice are sure to capture your attention. Get ready to be whisked away into the wild and wondrous lives of these tiny creatures with these remarkable films that offer an engaging exploration of their behavior, habitats, and unique personalities. From thrilling tales in the field of wilderness conservation to heartwarming stories of urban mice adapting to city life, these documentaries provide an intimate look at the lives of mice and their impact on our planet.

1. Wild America – S9 E3 Killer Mice

In this feature-length documentary, you will witness the brave hunt of one such Mouse as it searches for sustenance and challenges its larger foes. We’ll explore the evolution of the Grasshopper Mouse’s unique behaviors, from their use of ultraviolet vision to spot potential food sources in the dark, to their ability to identify relatives and assess threats. Discover how these remarkable mammals survive in the wild, and how their unique talents have helped them to thrive. We will also explore what it means to live life as a Mouse — from the dramatic family dynamics of parenting young, to the rivalry between siblings during mating season. You’ll gain insight into their fascinating and complex social structures, and understand why this creature has been so successful in the face of adversity. The Best Documentaries About Mice will bring you closer to one of nature’s most amazing mammals, and show you a fascinating world of family ties, adaptability, and survival skills.


2. Rats Urban Wildlife – Animal Science

Mice have been around for countless eons, since before the rise of humanity. Despite our best efforts, their population is still double that of human beings. They are masterful observers who have adapted to living in our homes and eating our food ever since the dawn of civilization. We don’t always notice them, but they are ubiquitous creatures that inhabit many places we inhabit. Mice have been able to teach us a great deal about ourselves over the centuries, providing insight into our behavior and how we interact with one another. That’s why documentaries exploring these creatures can be so revealing and thought-provoking. These insightful films provide us a unique look into what it’s like to live alongside mice and gain a better understanding of their role in our lives. They can offer a range of perspectives, from those that paint mice as pests to those that view them more sympathetically. No matter what angle is taken, these films provide an opportunity to explore the relationship between humans and these tiny creatures in an entertaining and informative way.


3. Wildlife Chronicles- Killer Mouse

Mice have been around for millennia, but few know the incredible stories of how these tiny creatures survive in a world full of predators. In this documentary, viewers get a rare glimpse into the lives of mice and learn about their amazing adaptations to exist alongside other animals. Featuring stunning footage from some of the world’s most remote locations, ‘Mouse Mania: A Wild Tale of Survival’ provides an in-depth look at the daily struggles, triumphs, and fierce fights for survival among these fascinating creatures. With expert commentary from biologists and conservationists, this documentary offers a captivating exploration of mice’s unique place in the animal kingdom.

4. Killer Mouse That Eats Scorpions And Howls At Moon

The desert of North America holds a wonder of the natural world: a predator with an incredible strength and ferocity. The grasshopper mouse strikes fear in the hearts of its prey, out-muscling animals three times its size. This remarkable mammal is one of many featured in television’s longest running and most successful nature documentary series. Venturing into the wild, this series dives deep into the secrets of life on Earth. From one episode to the next, viewers get an up-close look at some extraordinary stories of survival in a variety of locations around the world. Through captivating footage, cinematography, and engaging narration, these documentaries paint a vivid picture of the natural world’s beauty and its fierce inhabitants. The mice featured in these award-winning documentaries are sure to make you marvel and appreciate the incredible tenacity of wildlife. Viewers get to witness firsthand the power of nature and the struggles of living creatures as they fight their way through life’s relentless challenges.


5. Never Separate Tangled Mice

Every mouse has a unique story, and there are plenty of documentaries that capture their spirit. From beloved childhood movies to feature length films about the small mammals, these are some of the very best documentary films about mice. First on the list is “The Tale of Despereaux,” an animated film based on the children’s novel of the same name. The movie follows a young mouse who embarks on an adventure to save the kingdom from a rat-king. Along the way, he meets other mice and learns valuable lessons about friendship, courage and staying true to oneself. Another great documentary is “The Secret Life of Mice.” This film takes viewers inside the world of mice as they navigate their way through urban environments. The filmmakers focus on the unique behaviors of these rodents, as well as how they interact with humans and other animals. The classic documentary “Mice & Men” is a must-watch for any mouse fan. This film follows two mice – one wild and one laboratory bred – as they try to survive in an unfamiliar environment.


6. Natural Selection and the Rock Pocket Mouse

Do you want to understand the incredible processes of natural selection and adaptation? Then check out the documentary “The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection and Adaptation”. It tells an extraordinary story about a living example of Darwin’s process, featuring the rock pocket mouse. Discover how different genetic changes can lead to one particular adaptation: a coat color that hides them from owls. Witness first-hand how quickly a trait can spread through a population when selective pressure is strong. With this documentary, you and your science students will gain an insightful look into a classic case study of natural selection and evolution. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn more about the fascinating process of adaptation! Get up close with the rock pocket mouse and understand how powerful the process of natural selection can be. Get ready to explore the intriguing science behind one of the most important concepts in evolution today! This documentary is a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about adaptation and the power of natural selection.


7.Detecting Danger – Africas Giant Rats

Miss Marple is a furry and brave hero. A rat with an extraordinary nose for danger, she was born in the Apopo training lab in Tanzania, where African Giant Rats are taught to sniff out landmines hidden beneath the ground. After completing her year-long training, Miss Marple is sent on her first mission – to Mozambique, which has been devastated by 30 years of war. She and her fellow rat colleagues delicately walk the minefields in search of explosives, carefully avoiding them to ensure the safety of citizens. When they have cleared an area, hundreds of lives are spared from crippling injuries.


8. How A Giant Rat Called Miss Marple Sniffs Out Landmines

Mozambique is home to some of the world’s largest rats: the African Giant Pouched Rats. And, they have a powerful sense of smell that makes them ideal for locating landmines in conflict zones. This documentary follows “Miss Marple”, an African giant pouched rat who was born and raised in a training facility with the intention of using her skills to help save lives. We watch as she embarks on her first mission, and learn how these rats are being trained to detect landmines with incredible accuracy. We’ll also see the potential dangers that Miss Marple faces on her missions—a risk that she willingly takes in order to make a difference. A remarkable tale of courage and altruism, this documentary shows the incredible potential that these giant rats possess. In addition to Miss Marple’s story, we’ll also explore the different methods used to train these animals for landmine detection, as well as the various ways their skills are being used in humanitarian aid projects around the world.

9. Why New York Has So Many Rats – NYC Revealed

New York City, a bustling metropolis, is home to an estimated two million rodents. Despite the efforts of residents and workers alike, these four-legged creatures continue to traverse its streets with impunity. But thanks to cutting edge technology and city initiatives, there has been a recent surge in the fight against this furry menace. City employees rely on outreach and educational tactics to inform residents on how to best protect themselves from mouse infestations, as well as methods for capturing and exterminating the pests. High-powered traps are placed in residential buildings where they can be monitored remotely by workers using rat surveillance cameras. In areas where rat populations are particularly dense, special rodenticides are used to reduce their numbers.


10. How Rats Are Turning into Pure Evil

If you’re curious about the world of rodents, there are some amazing documentaries out there that have been created to explore the planet’s most mysterious creatures. From field mice to voles and everything in between, these fascinating films will give you a glimpse into the lives of our furry little friends. From “The World of Rats” which delves into the lives of these scurrying creatures in urban environments, to “Mice and Men” which takes a look at the bond between humans and mice, there are plenty of captivating stories to explore. Watching these documentaries can help you gain insight into how these animals live, as well as how they interact with other species in their environment.

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