In recent years, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons fame has taken up a brave cause to help reduce the high suicide rate among young LGBT people in the state of Utah, where Mormonism is part of the everyday lifestyle. Taking a risk with his own family, friends, and even his afterlife, Dan set out to challenge the traditional views of the Church – namely that marriage between only a man and woman is God’s will and that living together before getting married is against His teachings.

His journey was documented in the groundbreaking HBO documentary “Believer” which explores how Dan – as an active Mormon – has managed to bring about positive change within his faith’s framework while still remaining true to himself and his beliefs. The film offers a unique look into both sides of this complex issue with interviews from religious leaders who opposed him as well as those who supported him. It also features personal stories from many members of the LGBT community who have been directly affected by this issue.

Through his advocacy work, Dan and countless others are paving the way for a more inclusive future for all faiths everywhere. “Believer” stands as an important reminder that no matter how different our beliefs may be, we can all come together in unity when it comes to issues such as love and acceptance. We are all human beings and deserve respect regardless of our beliefs or backgrounds.

If you want to learn more about Dan Reynolds’ inspiring journey and gain some insight into one religious group’s struggle with reconciling their faith with modern-day society, then take a few moments to watch “Believer” on HBO now. This powerful documentary will open your eyes to what one individual can accomplish when they believe in something greater than themselves and are willing to fight for it no matter what the odds are against them.