Belief and Fear of Death

Aug 2, 2023 | Religion, Videos

Humans have long grappled with the fear of death, and it has served as a centerpiece in both historical and contemporary theories of religion. In recent years, documentaries have been a powerful tool to explore this complex issue in greater depth. TheraminTrees’ two-part series explores the relationship between belief and fear of death, using precise, qualitative measures to accurately capture human behavior.

The series begins by asking “Who’s afraid of death?” – a question that is not always easy to answer. It delves deeper into how we can understand the psychological, social, and spiritual dynamics at play when it comes to facing our mortality. Through interviews with religious leaders and experts on religious beliefs, as well as those who grapple daily with the realities of life and death, it offers an intimate look into how people think about their fear of death.

At its core is Blaise Pascal’s famous statement: “Imagine a number of men in chains, all under sentence of death, some of whom are each day butchered in the sight of the others; those remaining see their own condition in that of their fellows, and looking at each other with grief and despair await their turn.” This description paints a vivid picture of our shared human experience when it comes to coming face-to-face with our mortality.

Through real-world examples and anecdotes from those interviewed for the documentary series, TheraminTrees seeks to provide viewers with real insight into how we grapple with mortality and belief in an increasingly secular world. The filmmakers also discuss the impact that advances in medical technology have had on how we think about our mortality – an issue which has been largely overlooked by previous studies.

By exploring these issues through thoughtful dialogue and research-based storytelling techniques, TheraminTrees provides viewers with a unique opportunity to understand more about how we view our own mortality – even if it makes us uncomfortable – so that we can better prepare for what lies ahead. If you’re interested in diving into this important discussion further or are curious about how faith plays into one’s beliefs on life after death, then check out TheraminTrees’ two-part documentary series today!

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David B