God Bless America: How the US is Obsessed with Religion

May 21, 2023 | Aviation, People, Religion, Social, Videos

Religion can be found in almost every aspect of life in the United States, despite the country being secular. With 70% of the population identifying as Christians, the influence of religion is enormous. In fact, it has often been seen as shaping political opinion in the country. During the recent election, Evangelicals emerged as a political force to be reckoned with, mobilizing their vast numbers to buoy the fortunes of a certain candidate. And they continue to wield their power in various ways, from creating Bible-based recreational attractions to re-educating their children with science books rewritten to fit their worldview.
One such created attraction is an actual-size Noah’s ark built in Kentucky. Along with it, a museum has been constructed to support the idea that the universe was brought to existence within a mere six days. All these show just how far religion can go in shaping people’s beliefs and values. If you’re curious about the religious world inside the United States and want to explore it firsthand, then this documentary is just what you need.

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David B