Hundreds of Belarusians have fled their country’s repressive regime, seeking refuge in nearby Lithuania. Among the generous souls lending aid to the refugees is Natalia Kolegova. Born in Belarus, but living in Lithuania for two decades, she is helping scores of people who have crossed the border. Despite having a career in real estate, she now finds herself ferrying those fleeing the violence across the national line, making sure they’re settled in accommodation.
As tumultuous events unfolded in Belarus over the presidential election in 2020, Natalia found a new calling in life. Determined to help the thousands of people running from persecution, she works tirelessly each day, driving to the border to pick up the oppressed and ferrying them to Vilnius. She has even convinced hotel owners to offer special discounts to refugees in the Lithuanian capital. Don’t miss this deeply moving report by Oxana Evdokimova, as it follows Natalia’s intrepid work to help the refugees from her homeland.