For fans of the beloved Back to the Future trilogy, a new documentary offers viewers an in-depth look at the making of this classic film series. Directed by Jason Aron, Back in Time explores the behind-the-scenes stories of cast and crew members as they brought this epic science fiction comedy to life.

The documentary goes beyond just talking about those involved in creating the trilogy. It dives deep into how these films have impacted our culture – both now and 30 years later. For example, there’s the DeLorean car that was made famous as a time machine in the film, and is now a collector’s item sought after by fans around the world. And then there’s the hoverboard technology that inspired real inventions today – something once thought impossible all those decades ago!

Back in Time looks at how these technologies have both played a role in pop culture and helped shape modern day innovations. Plus, it takes an honest approach to discussing some of the movie’s more controversial topics with interviews from people on both sides of the discussion.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and informative look back at one of Hollywood’s most beloved movies, then Back in Time is a must watch! Not only will you learn more about how this incredible franchise came together, but you’ll also gain insight into its lasting impact on our technological imagination. So don’t wait any longer – go back to the future with this amazing documentary!